Dr.Krupali Parekh

As children , we have always wanted to become something that impressed us the most ; be it a pilot , doctor or a teacher . Dr . Krupali Parekh , 27 , always wanted a “Dr.” ahead of her name , little knowing she was actually inclined towards the profession and not the title per se .
She did her schooling from Villa Theresa High School and being a science student ; passed junior college from K .C . College , Mumbai .

“As a student I was very creative and had artistic hands. My interest in Science ; particularly Biology was evident in high school itself . The human body has always fascinated me & continues to do so ; hence I chose to become a dentist as it best combined my skills and interest “ ; she says
Dr . Krupali Gandhi Parekh graduated with Bachelors of Dental Surgery , in 2008 , from Yerla Dental College , Navi Mumbai . Post Graduation she worked in Dr.Mansuri’s Charitable Trust and private clinics as well , with some very well known doctors ; all specialising in different fields , enhancing her practical and clinical experience. Simultaneously , she took up a variety of courses in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry . Dr. Parekh remains in touch with recent advances and treatments by regularly attending conferences , presenting seminars , taking up more courses and thinks its essential to be at par with the dentistry of today .

Apart from being inclined to the “drill and fill” profession , Dr. Krupali has always actively participated in various cultural activities and have won numerous laurels in dance , extempore , art competitions and fashion shows . She was crowned Miss VTS Runner up and Model of the year in YMT Dental College .

A member of the Indian Dental Association , Tobacco Intervention Centre , Jain Doctors Federation and Colgate – Palmolive Pvt . Ltd. ; Dr. Krupali Parekh conducts many dental camps to increase awareness and improve dental health ; because as she says many do not realise that good oral health is integral to good general health .
Dent – O – Care is a multi speciality dental clinic at Opera House , that she started in Feb . 2013 ; where along with a team of professional from different fields they perform an array of dental procedures ; all under one roof . She tells us that “ I enjoy dentistry because every case is different and imposes a new challenge . Its lovely to build a rapport with my patients and their families and besides it gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction to see that smile when my patient is relieved of pain or that boost in my patient’s confidence when he/she can flash their perfect smile. “Above all , “the fact that I can serve the community in someway , is truly gratifying ad makes every bit of my profession special and enjoyable to me “ , she concludes